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Orlando Auto Body and Repair Shop

Established 1982


This all began almost thirty years ago in Orlando by Jerry Martin with the intent of inspecting used cars for folks before their purchase. Back in 1982 it was the best insurance against buying a Lemon, and it still remains true today.  However, most people find a car that suits their needs, and in the excitement of getting that new car, neglect to have it inspected. As a result, some new owners find out a few days later that their new car is a little more used than they were led to believe. Repairing these vehicles started our Auto Repair business, which progressed to our Orlando Auto body Shop. This is how Lemon Chasers Auto evolved into the full service repair shop that encompasses the Orlando Auto Body And Repair Shop that we are today. 

We are proud of the fact that, we have not only remained in business for going on 30 years, but we have grown tremendously in the process. In addition we have evolved into one of the most reputable Orlando Auto Body Shops and full service Auto Repair service centers in the Orlando area.

In spite of this success Jerry Martin and his staff have not forgotten their roots. Even after becoming one of the most reputable Orlando auto body and full service auto repair Shops in the Orlando area we still remain true to our original mission. We are more convinced than ever that it is best to have your new car thoroughly inspected before you purchase it. Your car is an investment. Starting out with a problem car or Lemon as we say in the industry is expensive and downright inconvenient.  However, if you choose not have an inspection, or that car you've loved for years needs some care, we're here to take care of you.

Our Orlando Auto Body Shop will meet and exceed your expectations relative to any body damage incurred. You will always be treated in a fair and honest manner by our staff.  It is our mission to repair your car back to original condition using quality parts and the combined experience of over 80 years of automotive technology. Our staff is handpicked and among the best in the business. When you do business with us you can rest assured that all repairs will be done in as little time as possible while ensuring a quality repair. All mechanical repairs are tested extensively and body work is closely inspected to ensure the repair is complete and the problem corrected.  Additionally, we take pride in the fact that business here is always conducted with the highest level of integrity.

Jerry and his service professionals have been providing excellent service and offering outstanding value to neighbors throughout Orlando. Your ultimate satisfaction remains his sincere desire and goal. It is no wonder Lemon Chasers Auto has become one of the most reputable Orlando auto body and auto repair shops in central Florida. Bring your car in today for an inspection and see what Lemon Chasers No Hassle Guarantee is all about!

  Questions? Call Jerry at 407-425-8307.

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